I found a bunch of archived websites that I created over the years (dating back to 1996!). Here are some of the highlights. Sorry in advance: There are probably lots of broken links in there!
  • - This was my self-marketing website in 1996 when I first moved to New York. Check out my ridiculous welcome video!
  • Success in the Cyberpugilist Economy - A paper I wrote in business school about how the new economy will be measured in "hits"
  • - My blog, started in 1998. Okay, I didn't call it a blog, but blogs hadn't been invented yet!
  • My chronicle of the Boston - New York AIDS ride in 1999, and how we were stymied by Hurricane Floyd
  • - I started this site shortly before Kim and I were married, and it goes until after Gemma was born - including lots of newborn photos and travels.
  • Yet another Kim-and-Andrew, this time using Apple's iWeb service. I wonder how long it will last?
  • The Face of High School Insecurity - I found a bunch of school portraits given to me by my friends in 1980 - my sophomore year of high school. Here are the photos - and what they wrote on the back.
  • Our wedding website - Including downloadable program, mock issue of The Sun, and lots of other fun stuff (but don't get too excited about the Ofoto links, they're long defunct!)